Things that need to be observed when at the Coffee Shop

Of the many coffee shops that have sprung up, have you found which coffee shop is your favorite? How do you determine whether a coffee shop servesĀ home page that tastes good even before you order a cup of fresh roasted coffee? Barista is the main key to a coffee shop. A coffee shop that serves good coffee must have a warm barista and extensive knowledge. They must know everything about the products they sell, especially coffee, of course. A good barista should be able to give advice to customers about what coffee they are suitable for drinking at that time. In fact, a barista can ask in detail what activities you will do after coffee so that the levels of caffeine in your body are not excessive. The point is, a barista should be able to give you advice like a friend, not just marketing.

What do you usually see when you stop by the coffee shop? Espresso machines, grinders, barista kits, milk drinks, thermometers, digital scales, adequate sinks, cleaning equipment? Can you also see some manual brewing equipment, such as Aeropress, french press, V60, Chemex? Complete coffee equipment usually shows how serious the coffee shop is in serving a cup of coffee to its customers. But it is not always the place where the coffee equipment is incomplete, it means the coffee is not tasty, and it does not mean that the place with complete coffee equipment is good, because still, whatever the coffee equipment is, baristas play the most important role in serving coffee.

For information only, the physical differences of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are easily seen by the naked eye. Robusta middle cut lines tend to be more straight compared to arabica, and arabica forms tend to be more elongated oval, while robusta is more rounded. Then, the coffee beans are ready for use after 7-10 days from the date of roasting. Why do you have to wait a few days? Because after roasting, coffee beans will emit CO2 for some time which can damage the taste of the coffee itself.

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