These are some of the natural attractions in Lombok that are the favorites of many international tourists

Investment is indeed a very important thing to do, many people who have chosen property investment as a means to manage their finances. However, in choosing a property investment, you also have to pay attention to the location of the investment. One of the right locations for investment is Lombok. In fact, there are now that you can choose as an investment property right on Lombok.

Lombok itself is never deserted by international tourists because of its amazing natural beauty. In fact, there are some natural attractions that have never been forgotten by many tourists. This is what makes Lombok a strategic location for property investment for many people. Some of the natural attractions in question are

– Kuta beach
Maybe, many people only know of Kuta Beach in Bali. In fact, Lombok also has Kuta Beach which is no less beautiful than that in Bali. This beach even hosts the Nyale Smell Festival. This is because this beach has a stretch of white sand that is slightly brown. Near this beach, there is also a hill called Mandalika Hill. Tourists can also do various activities on the beach such as snorkeling, surfing, to playing water on the shore.

– Senggigi Beach
Then there is Senggigi Beach with wide beach treats, cool breezes, and beautiful coral reefs. You have to enjoy the sunset on Senggigi Beach because the scenery offered is so beautiful.
In addition to having a beautiful view, the beach with no big waves has a beautiful underwater panorama. So, if you visit Senggigi Beach don’t forget to explore the beauty of the underwater, huh!

– Nambung Beach
Finally, there is Nambung Beach in Pengantap Hamlet, Buwun Emas Village, West Lombok Sekotong District. A calm beach will welcome tourists.
What’s interesting about this beach is because it has a beautiful ‘waterfall’. This waterfall comes from waves that hit the reef, forming a flow of water between the rocks so that the salty waterfall is formed.

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