Using Wifi Extender By Choosing the Right Type

Sometimes, even if we get a WiFi signal, the signal is too small so the internet speed is not as it should be. For example, we subscribe to the internet with a speed of 10MBps, but because the WiFi signal that is obtained is only a little, for example, 2 bars, chances are the speed obtained is not optimal, it could be only half of it should. You can choose one of 4 types of WiFi extenders available on the market based on the problems related to the wifi signal you face and your needs.

To overcome this problem, we can add another WiFi router that we can easily connect to an existing WiFi signal. However, there is a new WiFi router that is rather difficult to connect, and some even can only connect using a cable. Therefore, the easiest solution is to buy a WiFi extender.

On the market, many products are sold, the difference between one and the other is usually in the form of signal transmit power and access speed. Some Extenders have a power of up to 150MBps, others can be 300MBps, while the High-End series usually has dual band features.

Buy a WiFi extender

Depending on the need, the more expensive the features are, the more complete and the signal emitted becomes stronger. Just a suggestion, although the shape is less attractive, WiFi extender with an external antenna usually emits a signal that is stronger than the extender with an internal antenna.

Connect the WiFi extender to the main router

The easiest way is to use WPS. Press the WPS button on the main router, then continue by pressing the WPS button on the extender. That way, we don’t have to bother entering the password into the extender. In addition, the settings on the extender will follow the main router, both the name and password.

Select the appropriate place for the extender

Position determines achievement. This also happens, the wrong placement of the extender can make the product useless. It’s good we try in several places at once. Oia, after connecting to the main router, WiFi extender only requires an electric socket to work. So we just have to find the right position where the extender is still getting a signal from the main router.