The Problem and Alternative When Choosing a Lifeproof

Lifeproof flooring is one of a brand that commonly used by most people in the world. It is sold exclusively by Home Depot, which also has a strong relationship with them. It can connect to the people which best products of theirs that usually bought by the customer. It is also very affordable and recommended to all of the users, but the problem is they’re not super durable. If you want to know the problem and alternative when choosing a lifeproof, here is the explanation below.

The Problem and Alternative When Choosing a Lifeproof
The products that offered by the lifeproof have a lower quality than compared to other choices. So, if you have so much budget, you can choose the vinyl with higher quality. It can be placed in a sunroom because it will be good enough to be seen. But you can’t use it as your kitchens, bathrooms, entrances or other areas at the home. It can make the color is starting to fade, or even scratching too easily. So, it will not as good as your thought like before.

But you don’t have to be worried, because there are so many alternatives of lifeproof that you can choose. Firstly, you can choose Congoleum’s DuraCeramic that has a mixture of vinyl and ceramic tiles. It also has higher prices than others, but it offers the best tile and sheet flooring options. So, it will the best choice for your flooring.

Then, there is Karndean Design flooring that has been around for decades. It offers so high-quality vinyl flooring choices, which costs in the $4-$8 per square foot range and so many designs that can you choose depend on your want. You can also get more than 20 years of warranty that will make you amazed.

That’s all the information about the problem and alternative when choosing a lifeproof. So, what’s your best choice? hope it will be useful for you who look for the information about it.