Avoid Habits That Can Cause Hair Loss

As a lifestyle website, Black Health and Wealth presents a lifestyle with a segment of black women. One of the rubrics contained in the website is about women’s hairstyles, especially black women. Hair is one part of the body that is very cared for by women. Hair seems to be a crown to attract the attention of others. Various ways are done so that the hair is maintained and looks attractive. In addition, women like to try many hairstyles according to the shape of the face.

Among the routine of caring for hair, women still experience Ron’s hair. Hair loss is actually not a big problem if it’s still in a normal amount. But if the hair falls more than a hundred strands per day, it indicates that there is a problem with the scalp or hair shaft. Try to pay attention when you wake up. If on a pillow that you use a lot of strands of hair loss, the sign is that you have a problem and immediately provide intensive care. Here are some habits that can cause your hair to fall out:

– Rare haircut
Hair also needs to get adequate care, just like skin. Leaving your hair too long is not too good, try to go to the salon when you are free to clean your hair. Cut a few ends of your hair as well as one solution, to prevent hair from falling out easily. At least cut your hair, once every 3 or 4 months.

– Combing wet hair
Without realizing it, we often do this. Combing hair after bathing with conditions that are still wet, can damage the hair. Wet hair is more susceptible than dry hair because the hair cuticle is raised slightly which serves to protect the hair. Don’t rush when after a shower, wait for the hair to dry naturally. After that, comb your hair and use hair vitamins.

– Bathe with hot water
Taking a bath using hot water, it feels really refreshing. However, the frequency of bathing with hot water can cause dehydration of the skin and scalp. Hot steam can cause dry, branched and easily damaged hair.