Know the Importance of Physical Activity for Children

Growth and growth of children is indeed a very important thing for parents. Many parents finally choose to take part in martial arts for their children. One of the martial arts that can be followed is kids kickboxing. With good martial arts, they can grow well and develop the various motor systems they have.

Physical activity or martial arts is indeed very important for children. In fact, there are several benefits of physical activities carried out by children. Some of these benefits are

– Healthy Lungs
By moving actively, the lung organs will work to move air in and out of the body. This can encourage the production of oxygen in the body, and release carbon dioxide gas from the body.

– Strengthens the heart, muscles, and bones
Muscles and bones will be stronger if trained. One way to practice it is to do physical activity. The heart is one of the muscles of the body. Therefore, the heart can also be healthier if a lot of physical activity is done. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the United States, one way to reduce the risk of heart disease is to strengthen the heart muscle.

– Sharpening the Little Body Coordination
In the concept of child development, you are advised to provide stimulation through daily activities or fun games. Various physical activities can be a stimulation for a child’s motor abilities. Even simple movements such as going up and down stairs, can hone hand and foot coordination, and balance the child. Reflexes and children’s reactions can be trained by simply playing throwing balls.

– Maintain weight
Mothers are recommended to ensure that children get enough physical activity to maintain their weight. This is recommended to be done for children who are overweight or underweight.

With some of these benefits, you will realize that physical activity is indeed very important for children’s development.