Stress Can Also Occur at Home, Friend!

Stress can make you eat too much, wake up at night, or busy biting your nails. In fact, there are some items at home that are scientifically tested can cause tension in your life. According to researchers at ayahuasca, there is a correlation between high cortisol (stress-triggering hormone) and women who stay at home and have items that accumulate, such as paper, toys, or dirty dishes. For that, stop delaying to settle it. Do you have the habit of immediately turning on the TV upon arrival at home after the move? Stop the habit immediately! Because too much noise can trigger stress. Besides that, you are more likely to delay daily work because of TV right? So, resist the urge to always turn on the TV. Just turn on if there are certain TV shows that you want to see like favorite news or movies.

The saying “You are the One You Eat” is true. According to the Stress Management Society, what is eaten has a big effect on your level of tension. Healthy foods with enough vitamins and minerals can reduce stress levels, while foods, unhealthy snacks and caffeine actually trigger stress. Specific documents here are financial documents. According to research, 75% of Americans say that finance is a significant source of stress in their lives. For that, keep bills or installments in a special place to keep your mind peaceful. If you stay at home with someone, then you will find disagreement with things that are simple, like the husband does not put his towel in its original place, or children who refuse to eat dinner.

Conflicts and feuds are big stressors, including those who live with you. Make sure to always give yourself free time, because it is important.

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