Strengths and Weaknesses of Google Improvisation for Privacy and Security

This advantage of Google improvisation allows users to adjust their privacy and security settings on Google properties, but with new ideas. With this My Account feature, Google brings together all the settings under one roof to make it easier. But the disadvantage is, it will be far more confusing for users who don’t know where to look for this control. Previously, this feature also offered guided search that helped them make adjustments. Meanwhile, you may also check out the multi factor authentication android system to ensure your gadget’s security.

This improvisation is done to answer users’ concerns about how large internet companies store and use the data they collect, after revealing a government oversight agenda that has involved large amounts of data on telephone records and other online data.

Google in particular has become a concern for a number of online users because Google has very broad reach to the daily lives of users; many use Google products for search, for entertainment, for email, for business productivity, and even for powering smartphones and other devices.

Google in 2012 has consolidated its privacy policy in order to connect users to all Google services, through painting even more accurately through images of someone who is online. The change certainly caught the attention of a number of data protection agencies around the world, and is still on the counter side of criticism and threats of fines a few years later.

Purpose of Privacy Improvisation and Security Control

The decision to improvise on privacy and security control settings is a direct response to concerns about the security of user privacy. Some groups say Google must explain to users what personal data is obtained and for any of their personal data, and this information must also be clearly stated in Google’s privacy policy.

In January, Google completed its business with the Office of the Commissioner of UK Information on how Google works to collect personal data in this country, and agreed to make content privacy policies more accessible to online consumers in order to be able to understand more deeply about their privacy that has been stored by Google.

Focusing on new things that arise to address some concerns over Google explains to users how their data is used and what they can do to make changes.

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