Infrared Heater Energy Consumption

The infrared heater is also often used for residential areas, even business areas, especially in European and American countries where weather conditions can be very cold useful content. Infrared heater helps those who work in a large room, for example in a car workshop or in a warehouse, so they can feel warm. That way, those who feel warm are just people who are in it, while other devices that are in the room will not be affected. You can visit heating repair las vegas, if you have heater problem.

Because infrared heater works by using electrical energy, the energy consumption needs are more or less the same as conventional heaters. Even though by using electricity, the energy consumption is still quite high, to reduce electricity bills, you can use this room heater regularly and not continuously. Simply turn on the heater of this room when needed or when someone is inside the room. This might be realized for areas with climate conditions that tend to be cool and humid. As for areas with cold climate conditions throughout the day, of course, the dependence on heating will be even greater.

Although in terms of energy consumption the two types of heaters have the same portion, if calculated in detail, the infrared heater will still be more efficient. Because the infrared heater will immediately provide heat or warm effect as soon as the device is turned on so that there is no time wasted. Whereas on a conventional heater, it needs a time lag to feel the effects of the heat, because this tool needs to heat the surrounding air before it can be felt by people in the room.

But if you live in an area with conditions below freezing or zero degrees, you should use a conventional heater. Because, the conventional heater will keep the pipe or hose on the device warm, so it will not freeze and be fatal.

As mentioned above, we can also find Infrared heater in a sauna. The sauna device does not use a stove or steam to warm the sauna but uses infrared waves so that people inside can feel the heat.

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