Data preparation and inventory forecast for inventory management

Managing inventory is the biggest challenge for companies that have many branches. Why so? This is because it is difficult to control the items in the branch, especially if your branch is not just one. If your business is engaged in buying and selling houses or cars, this might be a little easy because the items sold are large and usually small in number. However, if you go into a retail business that has many items with items up to thousands, then this will be very confusing. Meanwhile, call the trusted service near your area whenever you need a good place for storing your goods.

It’s because warehouses are directly related to sales, warehouse management is very important for the continuity of your business. Where, when the stock of inventory in the warehouse does not match the sale, it will have an impact, either because the sale fails or the inventory available in the warehouse is too much. Here are a few simple ways to manage inventory in the warehouse so that your business can take place well.

Prepare Data as accurately as possible

When preparing data, assign individuals specifically who is responsible for recording. The individual must record as accurately as possible the input of incoming and outgoing stock which can be assisted with a supporting program so that the recording process is more accurate. The purpose of doing this is so that you will know earlier the data from the previous management period, then decide the target of your marketing and forecast sales in the current period.

Some distributor or manufacturer companies sometimes use a pre-order system and incoming order data will be used as a core for determining numbers of inventory.

Make Inventory Forecast

After you collect the input and output data of the goods, the next step that must be done is to make a forecast or estimate of inventory in the form of the amount of inventory needed in this period. This is not an easy stage if you have sales of various types of products. This will also be difficult because in this step you must specify the number per item.

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